Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For the Remarkably Wise and Handsome. (A video.)

I’ve been hesitant to put a video on this blog.  I could cite a thousand reasons why, but the most truthful is I’ve never liked one enough to tarnish We Could On and On with its presence. And I still don’t particularly like the video I've decided to post down below. Don’t get me wrong; the video is well edited and the quality is good. I just really hate watching myself perform. Hey, I think I’m a pretty good comedian. It’s just every time I see myself in a video, I can’t help but wonder why I wore that stupid shirt, why I didn’t shave, why I’m doing that “gay” thing with my hand, and why I even bothered with that pointless crowd work. 

There are a few unsolicited videos of me on YouTube, none of which I can stomach the nerve to watch.  In fact, the only video of myself I’ve ever not hated was of a show I did at the Comedy Studio in Cambridge, MA in December.   So when I found out that I had to submit a five-minute video to audition for a place in the New York Comedy Contest, there was never any doubt it was going to be of this show.  The only problem was the Comedy Studio set was 7 minutes long and if they stopped watching my set after minute 5, they would miss - in my opinion - my biggest laughs.

So I turned to Scoots.   Scoots “Scott” O’Leary, for those who don’t know, is one of my oldest friends.   It was the fall of 1991 when I stepped on my first school bus on then way to Kindergarten. And there in the second seat to the left was Scoots, sitting next to an older kid (2nd grader) with a plank of wood and a working light bulb.  From then on out, Scoots and I were inseparable. From BoyScout camps to baseball games to running across the hoods of cars after doing a powerhour of Goldschlager, we were the best of buds. Real Wonder-Years shit.    After such a history, there was no way Scoots could turn me away when I asked him if he could edit down my seven-minute set to five and make it seem natural.  Well, Scoots succeeded and this is the result. 

I submitted this to the New York Comedy Contest application page earlier. I will be sure to let you know the results. For those who can’t wait for the result, the answer is no, I was not accepted in the contest.  I hope I didn’t ruin the surprise.

From December 3, 2009. For consideration by the (remarkably wise and handsome) judges of the New York Comedy Contest. 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out man, and also not mentioning one or two "Salem Incidents."